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WeddingPro COR, a dynamic two-day conference, served as a powerful platform for uniting and engaging Wedding and Event Planners. Through actionable, thought-provoking education, this event empowered wedding professionals and elevated the industry with fresh guidance and inspiration. In collaboration with Kehoe Designs and BlackOak Technical Productions, a productive and delightful experience at The Geraghty was meticulously orchestrated.


The Geraghty’s versatile canvas provided limitless possibilities for designing and illuminating the event. Vibrant shades of blues, purples, and magentas were carefully chosen to infuse the main space with an energizing ambiance. Other areas were strategically placed with softer colors and utilized the natural lighting to create a calm, relaxing environment.

The main stage and breakout rooms hosted a lineup of presentations from industry leaders, which were accompanied by a full-scale setup of lighting, audio, and video equipment. The stage also allowed for full functionality and seamless set changeovers.

The flexibility to move throughout breakout spaces and the opportunity for a change of scenery also contributed to maintaining high levels of energy. During breaktimes, snacks and lunches were conveniently served Grab & Go style, which maintained a smooth flow and provided easy access to guests. The surrounding displays and graphics were curated to evoke the vibrant ambiance of a farmer’s market, introducing a fun, distinct look and feel to the space.


Lighting and technical production were two of the most important factors in creating a successful, engaging, and thriving environment for this event. The ombre’d blend of colorful lighting, not only set the tone but also prompted a sense of excitement, delivering an attention-grabbing aspect to the main presentation space. Technical production also played an essential role by seamlessly facilitating transitions between presenters while providing clear audio, ensuring all guests could hear throughout The Geraghty. 

In each breakout room, presentation screens were arranged to deliver sharp visuals and audio, guaranteeing a seamless experience for each presentation. The ambient lighting was subtly dimmed, creating a soothing atmosphere that encouraged guests to unwind and concentrate fully.


Our team’s overall concept for the client revolved around themes of inspiration, vibrancy, and comfort. This central focus was expressed in almost every facet of the event, including the choice of color palette, decor elements, materials, lighting design, and the overall ambiance. We intentionally layered elements to spark inspiration among the guests, while bringing an “out of box” approach. A variety of materials were thoughtfully incorporated into the decor to introduce a play of sheen and texture, all harmoniously balanced with meticulously designed ombré signage.

Color PaletteThe primary color palette that was used throughout the design, décor, and lighting featured shades of pinks, purples, and blues. Derived from the client’s inspirational images, these hues seamlessly tied the entire event together. Mathew, the designer behind the space, believed that these colors not only infused the atmosphere with excitement and inspiration, but also conveyed a feeling of calmness and clarity. In addition, accents of green were incorporated to complement the existing color palette, while iridescence was strategically used to enhance and finalize the overall aesthetic of the space.

MaterialsCellophane and iridescent materials were widely incorporated throughout the décor, providing a beautiful way of enhancing the lighting. Luxury linens were added to cocktail and entrance tables to match the vibrancy of the event’s color palette. To add the finishing touch, iridescent orbs were suspended in the entryway, delivering a captivating ‘wow’ factor.

Lighting DesignThe space was enhanced with customed gobo’d projections featuring trending quotes from influencers and social media, like “I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing!” from the iconic Corn TikTok. The ambiance of the space was meticulously crafted through the use of uplighting and downlighting, intensifying elements with vibrant colors. To further captivate attention, the mainstage featured Kato frames and luminous backdrops, ensuring a compelling focal point at the forefront.

Breakout RoomsEach breakout room was specifically designed with seamless accessibility to prioritize comfort and provide a welcoming space to foster engagement. To get to these rooms, our guests were guided through a curated tour of our facility, offering an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into The Geraghty, Kehoe Designs, and BlackOak Technical Productions. These areas offered our guests a refreshing change of environment, effectively breaking up their day and providing a tailored space conducive to focused and meaningful individual discussions.

Design + Floral: Kehoe Designs | Venue: The Geraghty | Lighting + Sound: BlackOak Technical Productions | Plantscapes: Floral Exhibits | Planner:  Beth Bernstein Events | Organization: WeddingPro | Photographer: Studio This Is Photography

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